Have you ever wondered how us cake decorators achieve flawless looks on our cakes?

Well it’s all about getting the foundations right before you even get into any of the advanced decorating elements and this can take time and practice….lots of it!

It definitely took me a while to master everything along with watching a lot of You Tube videos.

If you’re a beginner looking to learn the tricks of the trade or you have more experience and you are wanting to know more about how to create beautiful wedding cakes with different decorating skills, keep an eye out because my online classes will be coming very soon. (exciting!)

But in the mean time if you need something to read to get you started click the image below on 5 TIPS TO PERFECTING YOUR CAKES

Or you can come and join me and some fabulous other bakers and decorators in my Facebook group. (link below for my group)

Its already full of amazing people who are supporting each other and that’s what its all about.

And a plus I am sharing with you some little hints and tips, plus some live demos.

Even if you just want some cakey friends to chat to that’s ok too, we all need support from time to time as working on our own can be quite lonely sometimes.

Looking forward to meeting you beautiful people.